About Us

I’m Denis JIMENEZ.


I’m a French Boat-builder and Boat Designer. I’m also a sailor.

With my wife Christine and our two sons, we’ve been around the world several times and crossed the Ocean with our sailboats, especially on Neos, a 48′ catamaran that we designed and built!

Our concepts and accomplishments :

Building 48 ft catamaran Neos (14,50m)

Then traveling around the world

SARGABOAT, harvester boat to collect sargassum seaweeds and floating waste. Through our website theoceancleaner.org, we have developing the first feasible global project for fighting and recycling the ocean’s plastic pollution. Sargaboat and this concept are the only approved by Florida Atlantic University – Brian E. Lapointe Ph. D.

Sargaboat harvester boat to collect plastic debris

December 7th 2015,

Al Jazeera America interviewed us about sargassum seaweeds and about our Solution and the boat “Sargaboat

Al Jazeera America interview about sargassum

Jonathan BETZ for Al Jazeera America News & Denis JIMENEZ in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Jonathan Betz – Al Jazeera America’s Studio

Al Jazeera America interview – Brian LAPOINTE and Denis JIMENEZ about Sargassum: